There are times when rappers will be subject to heckling at their own shows. Be it because of a particularly odd performance or just some out of control drunken antics, most artists have been there at one time or another. Hell, Kanye West was booed once for singing a now signature song of his live in concert many years, at that certainly wouldn't be the last time.

However, during a recent Schoolboy Q set, the tables were turned at the rapper took to heckling a fan in the middle of the crowd for, well, being in very good physical shape.

Stopping his performance seemingly mid-song, the rapper pointed at a muscular fellow near the front of the stage and called him out for being ... buff. "Since you want to be buff, I'm gonna have the whole crowd run into your buff ass," said Q, with delighted shrieks coming from many others who were in attendance. Once the DJ started the music back up, the moshing energy threw itself at the man in question, who disappears under a giant mass of people that all moved in his direction simultaneously. Hopefully no one was seriously injured. Check out the entire clip below.

Schoolboy Q is also involved with the next big TDE project, guesting on the SiR track "Something Foreign. SiR's long-form release is set to debut on streaming services and in stores in early 2018. You can check out their collaboration, completely with a slickly directed set of visuals, here.