ScHoolboy Q recently announced that his highly-anticipated album CrasH Talk is scheduled to finally be released on April 26. Fans have been waiting on this album for what seems to be forever, and now that it's just a little over a week before it's arrival, Q has been feeling the heat from label executives, especially because of a popular boy band that's expected to storm the charts.

"I'm not gon' lie to you," Q begins in a video from his Instagram Story. "I've been number one in the country before and I'm not gon' lie, I want to go number one in the country again. F*ck all that number two sh*t dawg. These n*ggas hitting me up, this is the label, they hittin' me up talking about BTS." Q goes on to say that his label representatives have been telling him about international pop group BTS who released their record last Friday, and projections state the boy band will sell half a million records.

"Who the f*ck is these n*ggas, bruh?" Q asks. The clip is overlaid with the words, "J. Cole, wassup wit da macHine u was talking bout. I'm tryna see sumtHin." Q continues, "N*gga tryin' to f*ck up my little shine. I don't even be dropping like that. Let me get my little shine on for a week. Then J. Cole, he tellin' n*ggas they fakin' they streams and the machines. Well n*gga, what was the machine called?! Everybody ain't got it like J. Cole. So J. Cole, what was the machine called that n*ggas is using for they fake streams because I want to borrow that mother f*cka. I'm trying to borrow [it]. Let me see something right quick," Q laughs at his own joke. "Is the money fake? When n*ggas fake the streams, does the money come in fake, too?"

The topic of "fake streams" is referring to Cole's verse on 21 Savage's "A Lot" where he raps "Question, how many faking they streams? (A lot), Getting they plays from machines? (A lot), I can see behind the smoke and mirrors, N*ggas ain't really big as they seem.

If these machines exist, which artists do you think have inflated their numbers to seem more popular than they actually are?