It's been a second, but it would appear that ScHoolboy Q is once again ready to return to the fold. While fans have been patiently waiting for the follow-up to 2016's Blank Face, the rapper ultimately took a break from the spotlight, pushing back his upcoming album for months at a time. Now, with a new year upon us, it seems that Q is ready to return to the fold. 

Looking back, 2018 brought triumph and tragedy in equal measure. The loss of Mac Miller cast a dark shadow on the game, having a profound impact on Q, as the pair were close friends. Now, it would appear that ScHoolboy Q is feeling like a man revitalized. The beloved rapper took to Instagram to share a status update, which ranged from the creative to the personal. "New album, new house, new kid, new car," writes Q. "Goin for 4 dogs. New goals."

He also references the lengthy delay, writing "imagine me workin on an album for two years and not putting it out top of tHa?" Fans might recall Q's 2017 business, which found him teasing a finished album on numerous occasions. Of course, the delay was completely understandable given the circumstances, though it's safe to say that the game is more than ready for some new ScHoolboy.