At the end of last week, ScHoolboy Q's Blank Face LP hit shelves and online retailers, somehow avoiding the constant threat of an internet leak. That feat was paired with the release of the first official Black Hippy collaboration we've been blessed with in a long minute-- with each member adding a verse to the single "THat Part," prompting Q to re-write his own verse.

When ScHoolboy Q stopped by the office ahead of the album's release, Prior to the knowledge we would receive a new Black Hippy collaboration, we asked the rapper about the heralded collective that lives on the TDE label.

When asked about the dynamic within the crew, Q admitted they don't spend as much time together as they once did, a correlation to their success.

"Everybody in they own creative space now, back in the day we used to always be together all the time," he says. "We used to be in the studio all the time together, now more so, we all busy, man. Kendrick just performed with Beyonce yesterday. You know how many times you gotta go to rehearsal to perform with Beyonce? [Laughs]."

As for the possibility of a Black Hippy album, Groovy Tony won't make any promises. "It's just hard for us all to be in the same room cause we're all busy now. I'm pretty sure a posse cut," he says (hopefully this still rings true now that the "THat Part" remix is out), "but a Black Hippy album I dunno, I can't say that. A posse cut for sure. That's easy, one song, but a whole album, that's hard."

Check out the interview clip below. Read our full feature with ScHoolboy Qhere.