ScHoolboy Q’s latest album, CrasH Talk has finally arrived. Some were quick to dub it a classic within hours of its release, which time will tell, I suppose. The album arrives roughly three years after Blank Face LP, his critically lauded follow-up to his major label debut, Oxymoron. Ever since the rollout began, there’s been nothing but a cloud of ambiguity hovering over what Q had in store. From the short and boisterous lead single, “Numb Numb Juice” to the pop-friendly Travis Scott-assisted, “CHopstix,” it was impossible to predict what ScHoolboy Q would come with on his fifth studio album.

Filled with bangers from top to bottom, Q’s latest is his most fun to date, but the introspection on CrasH Talk delivers a continuation of the narratives from previous projects. His gang ties are forever, but he’s wiser -- not only as an artist but as a father. On the third single, “CrasH,” the rapper dives into the Jay-Z 4:44 bag with some game for the youngins, a precautionary measure for the men his 10-year-old daughter will eventually meet.

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Lil' rappers ain't impressive
Your tax bracket ain't impressive
You buy a chain, but won't buy no land
That hashtag should say, "Desperate" 
I'm kickin' game for these young n***as
'Cause one day they'll meet my daughter, uh
All that bullshit I taught her, huh
Way too blessed to be normal, uh
Upper echelon, but we stand that
So, girl, be proud that your skin black
And be happy, girl, that your hair napped
'Cause the school system won't teach that
Where your father been, you gon' reach that

Q’s discography is filled with vividly detailed accounts of his experiences as a gangbanger in South Central Los Angeles drawn from first-hand experiences. CrasH Talk plays out like a cautionary tale far more than any other one of Q’s albums, and it goes deeper than gangbanging. Q lays out the possible direction his life could’ve gone if he didn’t decide to pursue a different route in life on “Tales” which he later reiterates on “Black Folk.”

My baby mama paid the bills, I ain't have shit on the smoke
The homies tell me I'm a burden but never threw me a rope
They left me hanging on the corner, my whole life is my stash
One more strike, I'm with the lifers, split the fifty in half
I watch a nigga lose his life right in front of his kids
We keep the cycle back and forth, the demons smother our gifts
They put percentages in front of us, wouldn't give us a chance

Dangerous” with Kid Cudi is a hazy banger that deals with self-medicating from the paranoia and anxieties stemming from their lifestyles as famous people. Q’s history with substance abuse has been well-documented in the past, specifically on “Prescription/Oxymoron” off of his debut album. The theme of intoxication is prominent on the album. The aptly titled song, “Drunk” featuring 6lack has Q drunkenly spilling out emotions that have been held inside for way too long.

Never had enough, pass me the mask, ayy
Are you down for me? Girl, been on my last, ayy
See the sirens pulling up, pigs on my ass, ayy
Even when the money come, gone way too fast, ayy
Why my grandma couldn't live? Gone way too fast, ayy
Cousin murdered in the field, gone way too fast, ayy
Got a liver full of 'yac, weed in the back, ayy
Got Cîroc for the hoes, chill on the stash, ayy
Uh, pass me the gas
488, stunt man, blast from the past
Got my damn trunk in the front, Top in the back, ayy
Hell yeah, nigga drunk, buzz if they ask, ayy

Although he dives deep into the heavy subject matter throughout the project, he does allow Groovy Q to shine through. Q’s gritty street-savvy non-sequiturs return with a volatile flow, with his abrasive ad-libs and truly ignant bars at its peak on “5200.”

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Jewelry hang all out, ayy
Bitches gon' call now, ayy
Dollars ain't C-notes, ayy
House on each coast, ayy
Glock goes emo, ayy
Porsche sound Deebo, ayy
Four words I know, yeah
Fuck all you hoes, ayy
Chain whip, dip splash, uh
Slim bitch, all ass, ayy
Brew fresh pots, I serve
This my wrist, iceberg
Real life rich, get curved
Bitch look fine, still broke
Bitch, my wrist came woke
Big bling, wrist got sold

All sides of ScHoolboy Q’s personalities and artistry are compacted into this fourteen track project. Q doesn’t stray away from the gangsta rap at all but he also makes sure he shows both sides of the coins: the good and the bad. The repercussions that arose from the latter, and how he managed to escape it while witnessing many of his close homies lose their lives to the lifestyle. The final track on the project, “Attention” sums up more than the project, but to an extent, his discography to date.

Front row at the Grammys, I'm getting praises from Jay
Fuck about this award, I'm happy he know my name
Favorite rapper Nas been told me that I'm the best
Had a couple sessions with Dre, knew I would win
Alchemist my favorite producer, and he my friend
All this love from the greats put my passion in pen
Let me tell you 'bout this story, when Quincy died, it had started
I left jail on house arrest and now ever since I've been starvin'
You know pain on my mama's face when the opps can call me a loser
Ain't a cheap shit, her son quit sports to become a Crip
'Nother single mother that failed, lost her son in the mix
Workin' hard through all her problems, her son just couldn't be fixed
Got off house arrest, sprinkled some orange in my blue shoes
Nigga, ask Traffic, Baby Deuce, yeah, and T too
Baby Love, Baby Spank, Big Spank, Big Fool
The first Figg Side originals, you ain't gotta recruit
Tony Smack, Floyd, G-Scrap, nigga, the main crew
Flossy B was locked in, but was normal, he came through
Nigga, 51st and Figg, on the corner, mayhem was slaughtered months later, like this shit ain't happened, I'm with my daughter
At the laundromat, the shots rang off, I ducked to the back
Wishin' for a strap but hear more fire from Tiny Rat
Got the devil on my side while the Lord been pushin' me over
I can finally understand why my uncles was never sober
Deadbeat dad on the gas, that gas my motor
Either grab the mic, nigga, grab the same pistola
I can easily tell my story now and climb from this moment