Let me learn you something. Tyromancy is described by FreeDictionary.com as "a form of divination involving observation of cheese, especially as it coagulates." While that may seem a little too occult for regular usage, scientists in Switzerland have taken a special interest in the term, seeing as the dairy product remains one of their greatest exports after all this time, "Swiss Cheese" and its Emmental variant in particular.

The scientists with the spine-tingling interest erected eight wheels of "Muttenglück" Emmental cheese from an Award-winning cheesemaker, locked them in a temperate chamber hooked up to a playlist made up of Mozart, Yello, Led Zeppelin, miscellaneous techno, three sinusoidal sounds, and a hip-hop specimen represented by A Tribe Called Quest.

According to the scientists and their pupils at the University of Arts in Bern, the Emmental aged more proficiently when Tribe was playing. "The bacteria did a good job," veterinarian Beat Wampfler said this Thursday while presenting the results to the 8-month experiment. Wampler said the cheese exposed to hip-hop came out "remarkably fruity, both in smell and taste and significantly different from the other samples"

Wampfler and his pupils have given the experiment the label of "Cheese in Surround Sound – a culinary art experiment" in order to give the study an element of prestige is otherwise lacked. Say what you will about the study's legitimacy, but I'll gladly take this W on behalf of "the culture," if you will. However, I do hope the "scientists" were multi-tasking throughout the 8-month stasis period.