In the constant internet storm of criticism and clapback it becomes hard to discern what's really offensive and what's not once the dust settles (if it ever does). Fans–or at least followers–of Scott Disick are having just this debate today in the comments of an Instagram post of his daughter Penelope. In the picture, the father-daughter duo are sitting in an asian restaurant (see chopsticks) and the young Disick makes a face where she pulls her eyes back, in the internationally recognizable sign for Birdman after a "stunna blunt" ("now my eyes Chinese") or Lil Wayne's eyes all the time ("eyes lookin' like konichiwa"). In other words, she does what seems to be a mocking gesture meant to imitate asian eyes:

Commenters on the post have been debating up a storm. Many were shocked that he would post the photo: "why the F is his daughter doing that? Eating Asian food and being racist??” Others wondered at the purpose of Disick being so rich: "All that wealth, you’d think some would go towards education on ignorance and cultural sensitivity.” Others, though, came to the defence of the young girl, arguing that she's just a kid and she's likely just doing a "silly" face, some had stronger words too: "CAN EVERYONE STOP CALLING A LITERAL CHILD RACIST THANKS." Even to this, there was a rebuttal: "a well known celebrity is letting his child do a racially inappropriate act on social media . And it’s wrong. And my sister who is only 7 would know dam well better than to act this way since indeed it’s racist."

Is this an irresponsible, hurtful photo, or are people taking a child's innocuous clowning and turning it into something it's not?