Before 50 Cent Instagram's most notorious bully, he was enjoying an unparalleled run as one of the biggest artists in the world. While Eminem and Dr. Dre's work on Get Rich Or Die Tryin' paved the way for the legendary rapper, it was The Massacre that helped cement his megastar status. Backed by singles "Candy Shop" and "Just A Lil Bit," 50 Cent picked up where "In Da Club" left off, only this time, he had a new partner behind the boards - the one and only Scott Storch. 

Now, with Storch in the middle of a comeback, the producer seems eager to gain back some of his lost momentum. Anyone who follows Scott on IG is well aware that his piano chops remain in tact, but it's been a minute since we've heard one of his vintage blammers. Seeing as his work with 50 Cent produced some of their biggest singles, it's no wonder that Storch is looking to rekindle some of that creative chemistry. The producer recently issued a message to Curtis, essentially telling him it's time to get back to work. 

"We got another joint to make," says Storch, directly addressing his former collaborator. "We got another hit in us." After signing off with an iconic "Get The Strap," Storch implores his fans to tag 50 Cent in efforts to spread the good word. As a fan of their previous work, I will certainly do my part. We can only hope that Storch can somehow convince 50 to get on this one: