Producer Scott Storch wasn't doing too well last year, with a warrant issued for his arrest  over unpaid child support, plus another arrest over cocaine. The producer has had more than a few public struggles, whether financial or drug-related, since his rise in the '90s.

Storch is known for his work with Dr. Dre, as well as making hits for Beyonce, Big Boi, and Lil Kim, among others. He seems to finally getting back to producing, and living a healthy life. Scott Storch spoke with AllHipHop (via HHDX) about what he's currently working on, which includes songs with 2 Chainz. 

Storch said, "I think I'm finally falling in love with music again. I lost the passion for awhile, from all the public, personal issues and stuff I went through. As time goes by, the clarity that I'm gaining with every day, I feel like my music is getting better, and more vivid, and just effortless. So I'm just really, really focused in the studio. Doing more production than [I've done ever], I'm like a studio junkie."

Scott Storch went on to say he's been working with various artists."I just did some stuff with 2 Chainz," Storch revealed.

Finally, Storch assured fans he's doing well. "Contrary to rumors and stuff that surrounds me, I'm doing just fine. I'm living a healthy life, and just kinda like, been very secluded in the past few months and in the studio. I didn't forget how to make hits. I do this, and I'm doing it lovely," he said. 

Check out the full interview with the producer below.