Over the last week or so, Scottie Pippen has made some interesting comments as it pertains to the likes of Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and even Phil Jackson. On Monday, Pippen got to speak to Dan Patrick where he was asked whether or not he really felt like Jackson was a racist. Pippen claimed that he did, indeed, think that Jackson was a racist person, for the most part, these comments didn't sit right with Bulls fans.

Pippen also said some disparaging things about the likes of Michael Jordan. For instance, Pippen referred to Jordan as "selfish" and said that "The Last Dance" was a way to control MJ's legacy and narrative. 

With his comments going viral, Pippen took to Twitter where he commented on the matters at hand. As he stated below, he is simply answering questions and that it is the media who is at fault here, not him.

"I’m just answering the questions y’all asking me," Pippen said. "You wanted the headlines, you got them - dig deeper to find out why I actually said what I said instead of framing your questions to get clicks. It’s all love!"

Needless to say, Pippen has been holding in a lot over these past few years, and now, he is ready to speak his truth. Whether his former teammates like it or not, there is nothing stopping him from giving his side of the story.

Scottie Pippen

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week: The Shows