The Seattle Seahawks have undergone a bit of a retool this offseason. Gone are familiar faces Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett and Jimmy Graham. In their place, the team will place their confidence in a host of younger options. One player they have on record considered bringing into the fold is the near-untouchable Colin Kaepernick. As you might recall, Kaepernick is the victim of political circumstances, and some would even argue a league-collusion, as Colin contends in his deposition case against the NFL. A few owners have voiced their concerns over the matter, other shared their confidences in private. Pete Carroll for one, hasn't ruled out the possibility of hiring Kaepernick as his backup quarterback.

The Seahawk's coach invited Kaepernick for a workout then rescinded his invitation. Carroll opened up the Kaepernick discussion on Sports Radio KJR. The Seahawk's remained hopeful that since the football was now in year three of the national anthem debacle, constituting issues greater than football, new ideas would emerge out of that discussion. Thus, Carroll believes there's an opportunity for Colin to reacclimate himself in the league. During the interview, Carroll admits he hasn't ruled out the possibility of signing the QB, reiterating that talks have simply not started between him and his agent.