It's been a minute since we heard from Sean Kingston. The singer hasn't really dropped anything notable recently and the last project he dropped was nearly five years a go. However, when he ends up making headlines, its typically because of some sort of legal issues. Over the past few years, there's been a few cases of Sean Kingston being sued for unpaid jewelry. The singer was sued back in 2016 over unpaid jewelry and it looks like he's finally going to cough up some dough on the iced out pieces.

Sean Kingston has to pay $301,500 to an NYC jeweler for unpaid jewelry, TMZ reports. He's being ordered to pay that money to NYC jeweler Aqua Master after Kingston was initially sued over nine pieces of jewelry. Those nine pieces include two diamond necklaces, several gold chains, two watches and a ring. Aquaman used the fact that Kingston flexed the pieces of jewelry on Instagram as a way of winning the case. 

The lawsuit was initially filed in 2016. However, the rapper never responded to the case which resulted in the judge issuing a default judgment. Apparently, Kingston attempted to pay Aqua Man with two checks but both of them bounced. 

In addition to this, Kingston's also had some debts to settle with a Florida jeweler. Back in August, the "Beautiful Girls" singer requested a new trial for another jewelry case after he failed to pay a $44K settlement.