Sean Kingston's recent attempt to purchase a luxury watch didn't go so well. The Jamaican singer has filed a police report in which he claims he was kidnapped after meeting a jeweler at 1:50 AM on Tuesday night in a parking lot in downtown Los Angeles, reports TMZ

Apparently Kingston had taken home a watch worth $225K after paying $185K up front. According to the report, he refused to pay the remaining amount because he didn't feel that the watch was worth it. The late-night meeting was then set up by Avianne Jewelers, who allegedly told Kingston they would send a representative to exchange the watch in Kingston's possession for one that was actually worth $185K. 

Kingston entered the car of the jeweler and his accomplices just before 2 AM and gave them back the watch. The jeweler, however, refused to provide Kingston with a replacement watch, which prompted the singer to become furious, refusing to leave the car. That's when the jeweler and his crew locked Kingston in the car and drove to an isolated area, where they threw him out of the car. 

Though the details are certainly sketchy, if the above story is true, Kingston's kidnapping charges may be valid. He has since alluded to the incident on Twitter, telling his fans of his safety and warning them to avoid business with Avianne Jewelers.