We haven't heard a lot of music from Sean Kingston over the years and unfortunately, his financial woes seem to shadow his talent these days. Over the past few years, there have been several stories regarding the rapper owing money, specifically to jewelers. Unfortunately, one jeweler hasn't received the judgement that he was owed and now, he's looking into nabbing Kingston's music royalties in order to get his money.

According to The Blast, Sean Kingston's music royalties are in danger of being seized in order to pay off a $314,138.22 judgment. Sean Kingston was previously sued by Haimov Jewelers who claimed the singer screwed them out of $44K after he alleged refused to pay for pieces they loaned to him. The items included a Rolex as well as a diamond bracelet.

Kingston was ordered to pay a default judgment of $314,138.22 after he failed to show up to court to respond to the lawsuit. 

Haimov Jewelers filed documents on June 29th demanding Sony Music to hand over all documents pertaining to the singer which included copies of the front and pack of the last four paychecks Sean Kingston received from Sony. Additionally, they want complete copies of any sort of written authorization of employment by him as well as copies of W-2s, 1099s and other tax records for him from the past three years.

Now, Haimov wants to find out how much Sean Kingston made and from where in order to sort out how he'll end up collecting his judgment.