Sean McVay has been known for the past few years as the young, suave head coach of the Los Angeles Rams. This past season, McVay and his high-risk, high-reward offensive system helped lead the Rams to a Super Bowl appearance against the New England Patriots. In the end, the Rams fell short by a score of 13-3, although many feel as though they'll be able to get back to the Super Bowl next season.

McVay has also been known for having a pretty gorgeous girlfriend. Her name is Veronika Khomyn and she is actually from the Ukraine. The two have been seen on vacation together and Khomyn was actually around quite a few Rams games this past season. Recently though, the two hit up Churchill Downs which is the site of the Kentucky Derby. The annual horse race goes down tomorrow and is usually a pretty big deal with a lot of rich and famous people coming through for the event.

Today, there were some pre-race festivities and McVay and Khomyn were on hand to partake. On Khomyn's Instagram story, she posted a picture of herself alongside McVay who was sporting a blue checkered suit while she had on a red flowery summer dress.

With the NFL offseason in full swing, there is no doubt that McVay is out here living his best life.