Demi Lovato is making headlines since her hospitalization. The young celebrity was taken into the care of medical professionals following a drug overdose last week. Many other artists have expressed sympathy for the situation. One who expressed his thoughts quite openly is Sean Paul, who says he wants "to send love to Demi. She’s a beautiful girl and a great, great artist."

The dancehall artist says drug abuse is fairly common in the music industry due to the pressures that come with the territory. 

“The music industry in itself is very excessive. We are always working in studios, performing, traveling and sometimes you feel you need a break and the break is to go towards things that don’t give you a break."

He continues to explain how those who get caught up shouldn't feel ashamed, considering their circumstances. 

"There’s no shame. It’s just that some are able to realise the spiral they’re getting into before it’s too late. The help isn’t always offered when it’s needed."

In terms of his own struggle, Sean Paul says he does "smoke too much." Apparently, he finds ways to keep himself grounded, especially thanks to his family. 

"To remain humble and simple in my movements is something that helps me stay healthy [...] It keeps me grounded. My wife, my son, my brother and his family. Thinking of them helps me in any situation [...] If I’m feeling down, or I’m feeling sad, or depressed, they help pick me up."