It was a rough few days for New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton after his team lost to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Championship game a couple of weekends ago. How could it not be? The Saints were hosed by a disastrous non-call which ultimately prevented the Saints from getting the field position necessary to score a go-ahead touchdown with minutes to go in regulation. Instead the Saints lost and Payton got to talk about the aftermath during the team's end of year press conference on Wednesday.

"I sat and probably didn't come out of my room. I ate Jeni's ice cream and watched Netflix for three straight days," Payton said about the days that followed the loss. "What is it now, a week and a half? It feels like it's been longer than that."

One of the more interesting parts of the press conference was Payton's t-shirt that wasn't completely visible underneath his sweater. The color and design seen near the top made some believe he was taking shots at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell with a clown shirt that was made by Barstool Sports.

This week the NFL is preparing for the Super Bowl on Sunday which will see the Rams take on the New England Patriots.