COVID-19 has been an absolute disaster that has left over 500,000 people dead in the United States. 29 million Americans have been diagnosed with the virus and while numbers are decreasing due to the vaccine, it's clear that the economic issues caused by the virus are still very prevalent. As a result, the Joe Biden administration has been concocting a $1.9 trillion COVID relief package that would deliver $1400 stimulus checks to those who need them the most.

While the House had already passed the bill, it was awaiting its time in the Senate. On Saturday, the bill was finally passed by a vote of 50-49. This was a huge moment for the Biden administration as well as the American people, who will be getting some much-needed checks, that will help pay for rent, utilities, and groceries.

Chuck Schumer

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There were some Democrats in the Senate like Joe Manchin who seemed to be apprehensive about signing the bill into law but in the end, the bill was passed. It remains to be seen how long it will take for these checks to make their way to the American people although considering it is the government we're talking about, don't expect them to come right away.

Regardless, this is a win for everyone who is struggling right now, and hopefully, these checks are distributed sooner rather than later.

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