Wimbledon is in full swing and Serena Williams is doing her best at bringing home another title. The 37-year-old tennis champion reportedly had a rough start on Monday, according to the Associated Press, after she was issued a fine before a game had even been played. There aren't many details being given regarding the incident, but reports state that Williams was fined $10K for somehow damaging one of the courts while practicing. 

The All England Club wasn't messing around when they dropped that fine on Williams. While it was one of the largest of the fines they'd given thus far, Williams wasn't the only player to find themselves in trouble. According to reports, following tennis superstar Fabio Forgnini's loss to Tennys Sandgren, Forgnini stated that he's hoped "a bomb would explode at the club." The New York Post reports that for that statement, Forgnini was fined $3K. He later apologized and said his comments were made in the heat of the moment. Australian player Nick Kyrgrios was slapped with two fines—one for $5K and one for $3K—for unsportsmanlike conduct. He reportedly shouted at the umpire for not penalizing his opponent. 

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Meanwhile, this isn't the first time Williams has had to pay up at a tennis event. During last year's U.S. Open, Williams faced a $17K fine after she reportedly verbally abused an umpire and smashed her racket.