A trailer for the upcoming film Serenity has debuted online, and it paints a particularly grim portrait of revenge, deceit and abuse. 

Matthew McConaughey stars as a fishing boat captain stationed in the Caribbean, who also gives the general public tours around a tranquil Caribbean island he calls home. However, his placid sanctuary is shaken up when his ex-wife, played by Anne Hathaway, and her son seek refuge from her abusive husband with her former flame. She ultimately asks McConaughey to put his aquatic skills to use and drop her partner "in the ocean for the sharks," a task that starkly opposes his noble livelihood. 

Director Steven Knight spoke with PEOPLE about McConaughey and Hathaway's magnetic chemistry throughout the film. "Some of the scenes between them are the most electric I have ever been involved in. Matthew and Anne are two of the best actors working anywhere in the world."

Peep the trailer below in anticipation of the film's theatrical debut later this year.