The man accused of sending explosives through the mail to ex-Presidents and public figures such as Robert DeNiro was arrested yesterday close to the packaging warehouse where the parcels were reportedly shipped. We've now learned a few enticing details about the 56-year-old responsible for mailing the explosive.

Cesar Sayoc, who faces 5 charges for mailing the parcels to thirteen different recipients was allegedly a gym nut who used steroids. He worked the circuit as a male stripper in the 90s, after seeing his dream of becoming a professional wrestler dashed, for reason or another.

Tony Valentine, a promoter that employed Cesar in the 90s opened up to the Washington Examiner. "He really couldn't find his niche in life, and I guess he found it now," Valentine told the Examiner. "Back in the '90s, he was running around from Minnesota to the Carolinas to Florida. He was like a gypsy."

Valentine was the lone person that vouched for Cesar in 2014 when he ran into trouble with the law, over a theft case. But Cesar never discussed his politics with Valentine, and it appears he never had any substance abuse issues, other than his dependence on steroids to gain muscle mass.

"I would hire him to send him to do these shows. He would just go do a strip show and leave. He was a stripper," Valentine said. "He was dancing for a guy out in Oklahoma too."

Another former employee labeled him "anti-everything," and a prankster, but they too never discussed politics with him.