11-year old Seth Carr is raking it up. The burgeoning actor, now known for his portrayal of a young Erik Killmonger in Marvel’s Black Panther, reportedly earned $1,000 a day during filming for the superhero flick, earning a guaranteed paycheck of $7,654 according to a contract obtained by TMZ.

Without giving anything away for those of you who haven’t seen the film yet (BTW, what are you doing?) it stands as a decentsum for someone who appeared in the film for a very brief amount of time with a career that’s only just getting started. The role has proven to only be the latest in the impact that Carr is set to make though, having already invaded television screens at home with roles in various sitcoms such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Ray Donovan, Superstore, and most recently as the recurring Fizzwick on Nickelodeon’s Knight Squad.

For the young actor, it’s all about speaking things into existence as he previously revealed his mother predicted that he’d land a role in the movie that is set to eclipse The Avengers as the top-grossing superhero film of all time. “I remember my mom was talking to me in the car, like two years before this even happened—like ‘you’re going to get an audition for [Black Panther], Seth.’ Me and my dad were in the car like ‘Okay, mom, whatever,’” he explained on the red carpet on the Black Panther premiere. “Two years [later] I get an audition, and then I get a callback, I get a producer session, an executive producer session, and I’m right here. It’s a great feeling to be in this position because I’m a Marvel dude. Me and my dad are like Marvel nerds. It’s great to be in this position—new experiences, new things that you’ve never done before—it’s really great.”