Yesterday, the Los Angeles Clippers and Dallas Mavericks gave us a classic game as it went to overtime and finished with an incredible buzzer-beater by Luka Doncic. Throughout the game, the Mavericks were a dominant force especially since they were getting offense from everyone. One of the players that truly shined was Seth Curry who is the brother of Steph. At one point in the game, Seth scored in the face of Paul George and immediately turned around to call him a "bitch."

It was a heated moment that eventually made the rounds on social media and went viral. Considering George was having a terrible game, the diss seemed that much more poignant, especially with Twitter giving George hell every time he missed a shot.

There was an added layer to this exchange that eventually led to even more Twitter jokes. For those who don't know, Paul George used to date Callie Rivers, who is the daughter of Doc Rivers: the coach of the Clippers. Now, Callie Rivers is married Seth Curry which makes this entire thing that much funnier.

As you would expect, Twitter had a field day with this information, and you can see some of the funnier comments, below.