The only movie that has been created off of the Family Guy series is Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story that was a direct to DVD film on the beloved talking baby. While it was surely funny, fans are really curious about a proper film based on the series, something the show's creator Seth MacFarlane has been talking about for years. 

During a recent appearance on The Today Show, Seth was asked for an update on the movie and admitted that while it won't be arriving anytime soon, it's definitely not off his to-do list. “I’ve been talking about this for ten years,” he said. “The Family Guy movie is still on my to-do list… I have a pretty clear sense of what it’s going to be. I have for some time, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.”

It's fair to see how the movie will take time considering Seth's busy schedule with voicing Stan, Roger and more on his other series American Dad as well as starring in The Orville and The Loudest Voice.

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

"Every show has its prime, and every show moves past that prime. Can you adapt to changing times? Can you adapt to changing tastes? It's not something that worries me. When the show is ready to end, it will end," Seth previously stated when discussing Family Guys 300 episode mark.

We're ready for a movie when you are, Seth.