Donald Trump has a lot of adjectives that he likes to use over and over again. For example "horrible." Although a thesaurus might solve some of his problems, they usually don't cover insults, and that's what he's under fire for today. On his show, Late Night, Seth Meyers ridiculed Trump (as he does just about every night) with a new, specific call-out:

Why is he so obsessed with babies? Trump has been all over the map on almost every issue throughout his life, but one thing he has always been very clear about is that he does not like babies.

He went on to wonder why Trump would be so defensive about being a baby himself: “Nothing makes you sound more like a baby than saying, ‘I’m not a baby. If you’re not a baby, you don’t have to clarify.” True enough.

Meyers focusses much of his show around the criticism of Trump, especially in the lead-up to todays midterm elections. He has segments with titles like "Trump's Racist Fearmongering Is His Latest Scam: A Closer Look" and whole segment dedicated to a fictional, but believable, voice inside Donald Trump's head, which you can watch below. To see Meyers on Trump's baby obsession, click here