Late night host Seth Meyers, who has made jokes at the expense of the President's self-esteem in the past, went in on supporters of Donald Trump who continue to refute the official results of the 2020 Presidential Election, Wednesday night. 

Seth Meyers, Donald Trump, ElectionCraig Barritt / Getty Images

“The deluded Trump dead-enders will not give up,” Meyers said on his NBC show, Late Night with Seth Meyers. “Not because they genuinely think there’s a path to staying in power but because they’re fully invested in the belief that their opponents are illegitimate and any votes for Democrats are fraudulent.”

Meyers also went at Newsmax, which has become something of a save-haven for Trump-supporters who have moved on from Fox News. The comedian specifically jabbed at host Greg Kelly who refuses to refer to Joe Biden as the president-elect:

"Oh, you personally feel they’re wrong? You don’t want your controversial views to stain the sterling journalistic reputation of Newsmax, which up until recently got less attention than a stand-up comic opening at Ozzfest," he said. Check out the segment Meyers was responding to here.

Meyers continued to joke that the site “sounds like one of those fake news shows that’s really just a late-night infomercial for hair plugs.

Check out Meyers' full monologue below.