When you think about 21 Savage, you might think about his monotone delivery or his hard street raps, but you probably wouldn't think about actor and comedian, Seth Rogen. Yet, in a strange twist of fate, the two of them have come together in an unexpected way.

In a piece for InterviewSeth Rogen conducts a lengthy interview with the Atlanta rapper, and they discuss a variety of topics from spirituality, to their favorite Playstation game. 

21 isn't a very talkative guy, but Rogen more than makes up for it, and the combination of the two sparks some thought provoking exchanges. For instance, when Seth asks 21 how he got his start rapping, he admits that it was the only thing he was able to do after being shot. 

"ROGEN: Do you think if you didn’t get shot you would have ever pursued the career that you pursued?
 SAVAGE: Nah. I feel like if I didn’t get shot I’d be dead or in jail.
 ROGEN: Wow. That’s fucked up that getting shot saved you.
 SAVAGE: Yeah, it really did."

They move on to talk about weed, and how it's legal in some places but not in others. Savage also comments on how he follows the Ifá religion, and heavily believes in Karma. He also speaks about his secret passion: learning to fly planes. 

"ROGEN: What do you do when you’re at home? You got a week, [you can] do anything you want, what would you do?
 SAVAGE: I would fly my airplane simulator. Take my airplane craft to the airport.
 ROGEN: Are you learning to fly?
 SAVAGE: Yeah, I got ten hours on my private."

Check out the whole interview here to see Rogen and 21's full conversation.