Seth Rogen recalled meeting Tom Cruise back in 2006 in an interview on Howard Stern’s radio show, Monday. Rogen says the weird encounter began with him peeing in a Snapple bottle and included Cruise giving him a lecture on Scientology.

Rogen explained that he didn't want to ask Cruise to use his restroom immediately after meeting him.

“I stopped halfway up the driveway, [which was] kind of in the woods above Sunset Boulevard, and I peed in a Snapple bottle in my car,” Rogen told Stern. “I sealed the bottle and left it there, and went on to have a very absurd meeting with Tom Cruise.”

Seth Rogen, Tom Cruise
Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

He went on to explain that he realized later that there was a security camera watching him.

“I was passing the exact spot that I peed in,” Rogen said. “I noticed a red light in the woods and looked up and there was a security camera literally pointed at the same spot.”

He went on to talk about how Cruise pitched him on Scientology: “And it’s like with Scientology, he said, ‘If you let me just tell you what it was really about, if you let me, just give me 20 minutes to really just tell you what it was about, you would say no fucking way, no fucking way.’ Is that a good thing to be saying? Is that a bad thing to be saying?”