As the grand narrative of Marvel's MCU comes to an end this spring with Avengers: Endgame and Disney is set to take all Marvel content to their forthcoming in-house streaming platform, Disney+, other services like Netflix and Amazon are trying desperately to keep their superhero-inclined viewers. Netflix, for their part, released a trailer yesterday for a new series The Umbrella Academy, and today Amazon has released a tailer for its new superhero show, The Boys. 

The title of the show refers to a group of superheroes who've become corrupt. A super-powered CIA squad, the seven, act as superhero enforcement division trying to regulate the not-so-heroic heroes. In the world of The Boys (based on the comic series of the same name), superheroes are common (ish) and also, the are celebrities. Obviously, the fame goes to their heads and they start acting out and becoming corrupt. In other words, the boys won't be about villains and heroes, it'll be about about the fine line between the two. 

The show is produced by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, who counts The Boys as one of his favourite comic series of all time. The Boys is coming sometime this summer on Amazon Prime Video: