It's unclear what kind of security the Fresno Yosemite International Airport is fronting but a 17-year-old girl successfully jumped a fence, made her way into a $2 million private jet and drove it around on the tarmac before crashing into a building, Business Insider details. Blurry security footage seen below shows the aircraft making swift moves at the airport before crashing. 

Police met the young girl in the plane, seated with the pilot's headphones on. There were no casualties and the plane only had minor damage. The motive for the girl's bizarre activity is still unknown but an investigation into the matter in currently underway. CNN details how the young woman was "disoriented and was uncooperative" when she was taken into custody. 

KMPH spoke to the girls mother who said her daughter ran away from home before she committed the crime. Apparently the unnamed girl doesn't even know how to drive a car and it was her first time leaving home and hasn't been located since the incident. At this time it's unclear what kind of charges the girl will be hit with.