R&B songstress, Sevyn Streeter, took to Instagram yesterday (December 9) to reveal that she recently tested positive for COVID-19. She assured fans that she is "all good," despite the daunting diagnosis, and plans on isolating until the coast is clear. She also assured her fans that she is doing everything in her power to deliver her upcoming projectDrunken Wordz Sober Thoughtz, as planned.

"Just got the word I've tested positive for COVID," she wrote, explaining that she's asymptomic, "I'm all good but will be isolating for a little bit to protect those around me. And trust me I'm doing everything I can 2 deliver my new project Drunken Wordz Sober Thoughtz to y'all top of 2021 but I have 2 make sure I'm being safe first. Sending love to everyone in these crazy times," she added. "Stay safe and healthy." 

She captioned the post, revealing that due to the untimely diagnosis, she will not be able to spend Christmas with her family this year. "Adversity & responsibilities, Im more than capable of navigating," she wrote. "But the idea of spending Christmas away from my family during these times.....absolutely heartbreaking. This year is def 1 for the books." Sevyn also reminded her fans how important it is "WearYourMask."