Religious symbols and figures can be controversial topics in different cultures. For example, when traveling in South East Asia, it isn't uncommon to run into the swastika symbol. The swastika is a religious symbol in several Asian cultures, signifying peace and goodwill, or the circle of spirituality, among other things. It was taken by the Nazis and demonized in Western culture. The gorgeous and talented Shakira is facing backlash after she sold tour merch that replicated another symbol that Nazis made famous, the black sun. 

Fans of the singer noticed that her online store was selling a necklace that featured the black sun symbol, also known as the Schwarze Sonne in Germany. The necklace featured the inscription “Shakira El Dorado World Tour." The black sun symbol is forbidden in most of Germany. The symbol is most famously connected to infamous Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler, who used the Wewelsburg Castle as a home base. The castle featured the symbol on the floor, and it has since been used in esoteric Nazism. Offended supporters of Shakira took to Twitter to warn the singer about her necklace, and it seemed as if most of her fans felt it was an honest mistake, and not an act of hatred. Others defended Shakira, claiming that the symbol has roots in other cultures as well, without the malicious connotation.