Shannade Clermont of the infamous Clermont Twins is a carefree criminal. Earlier this month, the socialite was sentenced to 1-year in prison for fraud. The latter ensued after Clermont stole the debit card information of a deceased man, following a prostitution encounter. According to reports by The Shade Room, the model spent a total amount exceeding $20,000 on the debit card on phone bills, luxury clothing, flights, rent and more. She was even apprehended by the authorities while attempting to use the card. As such, the resulting sentence given has proven to be light in comparison to the 20 years the former Bad Girl Clubs affiliate was facing initially. 

Since the announcement revealed, the 25-year old social media star kept somewhat quiet. That was until most recently when the reality television star posted a meme in reference to her upcoming jail sentence. The meme related to an excerpt video tied to the reality TV show Flavor of Love. Herein, former show participant Tiffany Pollard enstates rulership over other cast mates. The caption "me to the other b*tches in jail:" was added in reference to the meme.

Furthermore, in a response to a friend via Twitter, Clermont poked at her legal troubles once more by stating she will still be collecting "all the tea" on gossip and drama while being away. Clearly, Shannade Clermont is unbothered and we're wondering if she will feel the same way on June 4th, her incarceration date.