Shannade Clermont was sentenced to one year in prison after she stole a credit card from a dead man who hired her as a prostitute and racked up quite a bill with the deceased man's money. The Yeezy model apparently spent close to $20,000 on a variety of merchandise and attempted to purchase more before she was caught. 

Shannade is now expected to check herself into prison on June 4th and The Blast is now reporting that she won't be off the hook even after her one-year sentence. According to the publication, Shannade will be on a three-year supervision after her release. The model will have to participate in an outpatient treatment program that will involve random drug tests and a property search at any time without a warrant. 

Even more, Shannade will also have to participate in a mental health program and take prescribed medications. Once she's free she will have to pay $4,696 in restitution and is banned from opening any line of credit. While the latter may seem excessive, Shannade was initially facing up to 20-years behind bars so her sentence was reduced drastically.