Last month, Shannade Clermont of the Instagram famous and former reality television duo, the Clermont Twins, was sentenced to one year in prison for fraud. The popular IG model was caught in quite a scheme once it was found out that she had been actively using the stolen debit card information of a dead man following a prostitution date. And most recently, Shannade was spotted making light of her sentence on social media where she playfully hinted she would go onto becoming the HBIC and rule over the other women imprisoned with her.

Monica Schipper/Getty Images

New reports now indicate Shannade has put a request by a judge to extend her quick favor before she is off to jail. Precisely, according to The Blast, the reality television star wanted to know if it was okay to travel to Miami a few days prior to her surrender. The latter is for work and to spend time with family before she goes away.

We are not certain as to whether or not she was granted the permission, but we must admit the request is a bold move. Perhaps the judge will grant her this one last favor in good faith. Furthermore, it was also recently reported that the Clermont twin as to undergo both drug and mental health treatment following her prison sentence.