Shannon Sharpe has been known to dish out some hot takes on FS1's Undisputed, where he can be seen debating the likes of Skip Bayless. Bayless is perhaps the best when it comes to hot takes although, over the years, Sharpe has been able to learn from the master. On his very own podcast called "Club Shay Shay," Sharpe has continuously given some unique opinions, especially when it comes to basketball. For instance, Sharpe went on his podcast this past week and told Jamal Crawford that Kobe isn't a top-five player of all time. 

“In the history of sports, I don't know if we have ever had a guy rank top 5 with only 1 MVP," Sharpe explained. As you can imagine, this opinion was met with a lot of vitriol as NBA fans tend to be very sensitive when it comes to any topic involving Kobe. Various fans pointed out that Kobe deserved more MVPs throughout his career although Sharpe didn't budge as he quickly stated that Kobe can be on anyone's top five list, just not his own.

"I base my GOATs on multiple regular season MVPs, championships with multiple finals MVP. This is how “I” judge it. This list isn’t right or wrong, it’s mine," Sharpe explained. Over the last few months, Kobe discourse has been all the rage as some analysts have echoed similar sentiments. His legacy is a complicated one and Twitter isn't exactly the platform to have such nuanced conversations.

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