When it comes to GOAT debates in football, it feels like the running back position is extremely disrespected. People will talk about quarterbacks, wide receivers, and sometimes even defensive players. However, running backs are that one position that seems to lose out on a lot of the love that they truly deserve. Well, today on FS1's Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe tried to change that as he gave his list of best running backs ever, and it's a pretty interesting one to say the least.

At number one, Sharpe put Barry Sanders, while Walter Payton is in second. In third place, we have Jim Brown while Emmitt Smith and Eric Dickerson take over the fourth and fifth spots, respectively. What made this list interesting is Sharpe's admission that had it not been for his alleged off the field transgressions, OJ Simpson would have cracked the top 5.

Interestingly enough, Skip Bayless actually agreed with a lot of what Sharpe was saying here which just goes to show how agreeable the list was. Either way, there are certainly some people out there who are going to want to debate this so if you have a differing opinion, go ahead and sound off in the comments below.