The Dallas Cowboys were down 20 points to the Atlanta Falcons in the second half, but quarterback Dak Prescott led a miraculous comeback, capped off by a shocking onside kick. Shannon Sharpe called for Falcons head coach Dan Quinn to be fired after the game.

Shannon Sharpe, Cowboys, FalconsCindy Ord / Getty Images

"I would fire Dan Quinn IF* I’m Arthur Blank. This loss is unacceptable, unforgivable," Sharpe wrote on Twitter.

After closing the gap to two points, the Cowboys called an onside kick with under two minutes remaining. The Falcons needed simply to recover the kick and run the clock out to secure the Week 2 victory; however, it appeared as if multiple Falcons' players did not understand the rules of an onside kick and intentionally let the ball travel 10 yards, which allowed the Cowboys to recover.

Afterward, the Cowboys marched down the field and Greg Zuerlein kicked a game-winning field goal.

Prescott threw for a massive 450 passing yards with one passing touchdown and three rushing scores. "Dak 100% player of the game... Dak look damn good today....Dallas D come on with it... Dallas can and will be scary... remember these words," Cowboys legend Dez Bryant said after the game.

The Cowboys, now 1-1, will play the Seahawks in Week 3.