Shaquille O'Neal and Kim Jeong are teaming up for a TBS reality series pilot called "Unqualified," in which the odd couple will try their hands at a variety of jobs. For instance, Shaq and Jeong will see what it's like to be a substitute teacher, mall cop and train conductor, among others. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jeong and O'Neal "will be summoned to temporary employment via a digital portal, with their employers having no idea who's coming." Additionally, there will be times when the duo are unaware of what job they're taking on until they arrive for their day's work.

"We are built to hustle," said O'Neal and Jeong in a statement. "We're thankful to TBS for giving us the opportunity to embrace any challenge that comes our way, and we hope to surprise everyone with our ability to learn the ropes on the fly."

According to THR, Jeong and O'Neal will executive produce Unqualified along with Heidecker, Wareheim, Jensen Karp, Perry Rogers, Colin Smeeton, Mike Perris and Brett Carducci.