A massive Presidential Election is coming up on November 3rd which means millions of Americans will be exercising their right to vote. The stakes have never been higher as Donald Trump looks to fend off Democratic nominee Joe Biden. For many Americans, this will be their first time taking part in the Democratic process. It remains to be seen how the election will play out, although polls suggest Biden could very well win with ease.

Among these first-time voters is none other than Shaq. During a recent episode of his podcast, Shaq admitted he has never actually voted in his life. The NBA legend notes that he has taken part in get out to vote campaigns this election cycle and he doesn't want to come across like a hypocrite.


Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Carnival Cruise Line

“I’m honest, I’ve never voted in my life. This is my first time voting,” Shaq said. “I’ve never voted before, America. …But, now I’m doing all these voting campaigns and ya know one thing I never like to do, is be a hypocrite.”

Voting can be a tough decision to make, especially if you don't feel strongly about either candidate. However, with the US' current political situation in mind, voting has never been more crucial.