Shaquille O'Neal and Dwight Howard have quite a bit of history together and it's clear that they don't like each other very much. When Howard entered the NBA, Shaq was the dominant big man in the league and Howard was coming for the throne. At times, Howard would call himself "Superman" which is exactly what Shaq would call himself. O'Neal saw Howard's attempts at besting him as disrespect and would do everything in his power to make Howard look like a fool out on the court. While Howard eventually surpassed O'Neal due to age, it's obvious that Shaq will have gone down with the better career.

Howard recently signed a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers as they are trying to fill the hole left by DeMarcus Cousins' injury. Howard had an unsuccessful tenure with the Lakers earlier this decade but is looking to show people he has turned a new leaf. TMZ caught up with Shaq to ask him about Howard's new contract and as you can expect, he decided to troll.

"Who? I don't know him," Shaq said jokingly.

Clearly, his feud with Howard is still ongoing and it will take quite a bit before the relationship is rectified for the better. Maybe if Howard can prove himself with the Lakers this season, he can earn Shaq's respect for good.