Shaq Diesel waited too long to develop his shooting stroke, but that doesn't mean he can't make up for lost time. In a video reposted by Cardi B, Shaq can be seen singing along to "I Like It" while showcasing his new pedicure finish. The cosmetician excitedly remarks "Oh they shinin'" and the camera pans down to his feet, stopping in front of his busted toe nails, now shinin' like a bandolier.

Even in the event of her sudden upshot of fame, Cardi B still gets a kick out of celebrities endorsing her music. The caption on the post reading: "I like them like that," but I doubt she'd be happy if her toes looked anything like Diesel's indentured foot. With Cardi's music playing at every bus shelter, men like Shaq are now better positioned to balance masculine and feminine energy. If that sounds a little wu wu to you, that's because it certainly is.

When Shaw is getting some TLC or duking it out UK comedians stealing his namesake, he is easy to spot on TNT's Inside the NBA panel hosted by Ernie Johnson. This week, he spoke with Ellen Degeneres about the great premonition he has as an early investor in Google stocks. You just "can't stop the reign."