Over the past week, Shaq has been garnering a ton of criticism for a recent question he asked Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz. After Mitchell scored 36 points, Shaq told the star that he doesn't believe he has what it takes to become a next-level player in the NBA. Mitchell seemed pretty stunned by the whole ordeal and immediately told Shaq that he has heard such comments all throughout his career and that he won't let it stop him from achieving all of his goals.

In the aftermath of these comments, one fan decided to make some artwork in support of Mitchell. As you can see, @calsoscoped made a piece that depicts Mitchell dunking over Shaq. As it turns out, Shaq actually saw the artwork and immediately messaged the artist saying "Shut yo dumb ass up."

The artist even did a screen recording to prove that the direct message was real. Clearly, Shaq didn't take too kindly to the whole ordeal although he should expect this kind of thing to happen, especially if he is constantly slandering some of the youngest and brightest stars in the NBA.

For anyone who missed the original exchange from last week, you can watch it below.