Shaq has always been known for his large stature, which ultimately helped him become one of the most dominant players in NBA history. During his prime, there was truly no stopping him out on the court, and players who had to go up against him can attest to this. He was also known for breaking his fair share of basketball nets back in the day. Whenever he went for a dunk, he would hang on for just a bit too long, and it would ultimately spell the end of that net's ability to function.

Last night, Shaq was back to his old tricks as he played a charity game of HORSE against the likes of Rob Gronkowski. As you can see in the clip below, Shaq goes for a dunk and ends up hanging onto the rim for a split-second longer than he probably should have. The net ultimately ends up breaking off completely, much to Gronk's horror.

While the game of HORSE was ruined for a few moments, you can't help but be excited that Shaq still has the ability to dunk at such a level. Considering we haven't had a real basketball game in a very long time, it's moments like this that will tide us over.