DC Comics' movie universe started off grim and got even darker. Man of Steel featured a Superman who kills, while Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice heavily played on Batman's darker vibe. Batman movies, in general, are darker than most superhero flicks, mainly because he is one of the only superheroes that only operates at night. Wonder Woman escaped the dark shadow of the DCEU, and Justice League attempted to create a more light-hearted atmosphere as well. 

Comic-Con is currently going down in San Diego, and along with a new trailer for AquamanDC premiered a trailer for Shazam! Once named Captain Marvel, Shazam had a name change after Marvel created their own hero with the same title. Shazam is a young boy, who is granted magical powers that transform him into an adult superhero when he speaks his own name. Zachary Levi stars as the superhero, and the trailer gives viewers a glimpse at his backstory. The movie essentially looks like Tom Hanks' Big in superhero format. The lighthearted and funny trailer places this picture miles away from the more gritty DC films, although there is still a quick nod to the Justice League. Shazam! hits theaters on April 5, 2019.