A few months ago, Sherri Shepherd posted a video to Instagram accusing a Staples employee, Janice Reyes, of being racist. The View host alledging went into the Hollywood store and asked to use the washroom and was denied saying it was out of order. Sherri found out it was actually working and confronted Janice at the check-out calling her a lying racist. 

According to TMZ, Janice has now taken legal action. She's suing The Wendy Williams Show and CBS for airing Sherri's rant, claiming it got her fired. When Sherri confronted Janice at the cash register, Janice admits she walked away, saying, "I'm not taking this shit," and that's the reason her boss gave her for the firing -- because of her swearing -- however Janice believes the real reason is because of the TV-aired rant.

Janice is suing for loss of wages and other damages since the incident also aired on Insider Edition. At first, it seemed as though Janice was leaving Sherri out of the matter, but new reports say she's filed a complaint against Sherri.

We'll have to see how this one pans out.