Three days after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, Shia LaBeouf's live-streamed protest is still going on. He plans to keep it live for all of the four years that Trump is in office. The protest has been named "He Will Not Divide Us," and those who have gathered in front of the camera outside of the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC have been chanting those five words ever since the stream began.

There is currently just a small group reciting the unifying mantra, but there were sizable, impassioned crowds joining in on the continuous protest this weekend. Jaden Smith appeared at the start of the live stream, and LaBeouf eventually showed up to lead the pack. Everyone was mostly on the same page, yelling out the same anti-Trump sentiment, but there were moments of contention, such as when a member of the alt-right attempted to grab the spotlight. He ran in front of the camera and began shouting, "We must secure the existence of white people," before he was drowned out by LaBeouf. 

Perhaps he shouldn't have tried to thwart the protest while in the immediate proximity of its ringleader. As he attempted to share his divisive message, LaBeouf got right in his face and yelled "He will not divide us" at the top of his lungs, continuing to do so until the far-right objector backed off. The young extremist looks to be shaken at the sheer intensity of the actor's response, and at one point, he comments on the taste of LaBeouf's beard. Watch the clip below, and get a live look at the protest here. (UPDATE: LaBeouf is back at the scene with two other participants ... and he's rapping).