Shiggy thought it would be fun to jump into the latest dance trend to hit the web. He performed his best interpretation of the "StoopidChallenge," going as far as ripping a shirt off his sweaty body. The clip left an impression on Tekashi 6ix9ine, who reposted the content to his own page. His caption, however, wasn't flattering: "N*GGA UGLY AS F*CK." Shiggy has finally responded to the insult.

The comedian posts up to the rapper after having "stolen" his car. He squats on the hood of the rainbow Ferrari, shouting his message into the camera: "If you want your car back, tell the whole world I look better than you. Cause you keep saying I look ugly, but I ain't with that, bro. I'm not with the disrespect, bro."

Shiggy goes on about how 69 needs to offer him public validation concerning his physical appearance. He gets even more pumped up when this other guy named Mo tries to retrieve Tekashi's keys. Shig feigns indignance: "I'm tired of him saying I'm ugly bro. You know I look good, bro."

The duo may have just formed an effective trolling partnership. So far, it still can't compare to the one Tekashi has going on with 50 Cent. Check out their most recent antics here.