The Shiggy Challenge blew up on social media shortly about Drake released his most recent project Scorpion. The social media user who is responsible for the trend is Shiggy, of course. The entertainer was thrust into the spotlight swiftly. He has since opened up about his experience with his growing popularity.

He explained how the video that inspired the "In My Feelings Challenge" happened spontaneously while hanging out with his friends in Queens. He had no idea that his clip would lead to him receiving props from Drake himself after an introduction from a mutual friend.

"When he realized it was me, he gave me a big hug. That's when he said 'This the guy who made me number 1.'"

"And one of the biggest artists at the time can say, 'Listen, this guy helped me out with my song.' For him to say that at that time, it was big. This Llke helping Mike Jackson. You know what I'm saying? It's a different level, a different scale"

Although his come up is fresh, the comedian is already feeling the negative aspects of popularity.

"The downside of going viral is people kinda sorta, they simple. They like to see you do things over and over and over and over and over...So it's just, like, the tension and the expectations of continuously going viral. That's the only downfall of it."

Shiggy is now trying to figure out his next step.

View the whole interview below.