There's no question Shiggy is proud of dance improvisation. Its impossible exactly to know how of a catalyst the "shiggy dance" has been in the popularity of Drake's "In My Feelings." The Instagram comedian-by-trade, announced himself he was not in Drake's plans for the upcoming video shoot for "In My Feelings," a decision which caused outrage on the Internet. Shiggy's 1.7 million Instagram followers stand firmly behind their man, and the possibility he receive compensation for the dance's virality.

Well I hope you didn't take Drake's word for granted, because Shiggy and Drake have kept in touch, and even shot a comedy bit for Instagram all but 7 hours ago, the location of said encounter looking a hell of a lot like a video shoot, against my better judgement. So what gives? Could Shiggy actually grace the "In My Feelings" video after all?

In the semi-serious skit posted on his Instagram page, Shiggy corners Drake and asks him quite frankly, "I heard you gave me 250, I want to know where my check is at bro?" Drake, mustering the very best of his acting chops, looks astounded for half-a-second before passing the buck over to Universal Records for arranging the wrong payment method (see above).